Meet The Team

Gary Riley

Clinical Director


Gary is a leading Osteopath and lecturer.  He has over 25 years clinical experience and has established a number of successful practices both in the UK and overseas.  

His specialised and integrated approach to diagnosis and Osteopathic treatment provides insight to problems that have been persistent, repetitive or failed to respond to other treatments.

His patient base is extremely diverse from infants to Octagenarians; from patients with recent, acute injuries to those with long term, chronic problems and from straightforward soft tissue injuries to complex biomechanical problems.

But what makes him tick?  

Q - After 25 years in clinical practice, do you still enjoy being an Osteopath?

A - I love being an Osteopath.  My career has been varied and diverse and has taken me to many different parts of the World in both clinical and teaching capacities.  Everyday I meet new and interesting people, each with a story to tell.  However, most of all I enjoy helping people to reach their full potential.  After all these years I still get goosebumps when a patient tells me how much their life has improved since having Osteopathic treatment.

Q - What do you think is the most important part of your work?

A - There are many facets to the work I do but from a clinical perspective, the most important part is getting a full and accurate diagnosis. This will direct the treatment plan, rehabilitation and any preventative measures necessary. Without the correct diagnosis everything else is flawed.

Q - If you could tell the World anything about Osteopathy, what would it be?

A - That we do much more than most people think.  We are highly skilled professionals and have our patients' best interests at heart.  We help people with a vast array of problems, not just back pain. 



Helen Douglas

Senior Osteopath


Helen is an exemplary Osteopath who has worked within the West Malling area for the past 18 years.  We are extremely fortunate that Helen decided to join Kings Hill Osteopaths in 2017.

She brings with her a wealth of experience and a clinical style that complements the ethos of our practice. We believe that her passion for Osteopathy and her dedication to her patients creates a superb basis for the exceptional clinical care that she provides.

So what made her want to become an Osteopath?

A - I had a back injury when I was a teenager and was successfully treated by an Osteopath.  This triggered my interest in Osteopathy.  I wanted to be able to give other people the help that I had received myself.

Q - What maintains the passion in your career?

A - I enjoy helping people and when a patients' problem improves then their quality of life also improves.  It is fantastic to be able to make such a positive difference to someone's life. I also still find the anatomy & function of the human body as fascinating & interesting now as I did when I graduated 18 years ago.

Q - Do you have a particular style of Osteopathic treatment?

A - I will tailor my treatment plans to each patients' individual needs.  I will use a combination of techniques from soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation through to more functional and cranio-sacral techniques to create a specific treatment plan that best suits my patient.